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Adams supports this year’s Kidstruction and Canstruction Events

2017 Kidstruction and Canstruction events took place on Saturday, September 30, 2017.  Adams was a proud sponsor of Kidstruction and made a monetary donation to one of the Canstruction teams for this year’s event.



Kidstruction: 100 competing teams made up of 338 students from 19 Southern Arizona schools created structures made only of donated business cards, toothpicks and glue.   Adams team member Bill Damon volunteered as a Kidstruction Judge and Adams team member Jen Crane volunteered as the 2017 Kidstruction Chair.  Learn more about Kidstruction at:



Canstruction: Four teams built structures out of thousands of cans of donated food that will then be directed to the Community Food Bank after the event.



Congratulations to all the teams, judges, and volunteers for another successful event!  Structures from both Canstruction and Kidstruction are on display at the Park Place Mall until Sunday, October 8th, 2017.